Hazel Rounding – Episode 2

On the programme this week is Hazel Rounding, Director at award-winning architectural practice shedkm.

In this week’s podcast we ask what it means to have a ‘house style’. We also talk about shedkm’s new style of house.

We talk about opportunities in Croydon and regeneration in Liverpool. We ask why colour palettes matter and from where architects get their inspiration.

Finally we discuss the process of opening a new outpost for your practice; we talk about retaining staff and maintaining an office culture.


My guest this week is Hazel Rounding, director at Liverpool and London based practice shedkm

Perhaps unusually in the architectural profession, Hazel has spent almost her entire career forging a reputation at one architectural practice

With her undergraduate architecture degree completed in London, Hazel moved to Liverpool to complete her architectural studies at John Moores University. She subsequently joined the then fledgling practice Shedkm in 1998 shortly after it had been spun out of the well respected developer Urban Splash. She stayed at the practice going on to become one of three day-to-day directors.

After 15 years with the practice in Liverpool Hazel led the opening of a new London office for shedkm in 2013.

Over a beer I joined Hazel in the practice’s new London studios, a stones throw from the Barbican.